1. To join the guild you need to be in our Discord Server ( and be willing to participate in the guild.

 2. We are a roleplay guild and we do expect you speak in any guild channels in a roleplaying manner. If you want to correct someone or talk out of character you say (OOC) Message otherwise you will be warned for not using the channel properly.

 3. No erotic roleplay in the guild chats

 4. The guild chat should only be used for roleplay purposes and we understand that you may choose to use insults towards other people, if they agree to this then you are allowed however there is a line where it could be considered bullying if you do it without their permission over and over.

5. We do allow 1 ALT to be in the guild however you must tell a recruiter so they can mark it as an ALT

6. Star Wars The Old Republic is a large community and has different roleplayers please respect the fact that they may choose to not interact with you. 

 7. No Racism or Sexism is allowed in the guild and will result in removal if found in the wrong

8. Always keep IN CHARACTER and OUT OF CHARACTER different if you do not like someone but they are part of the roleplay you must roleplay with them fairly.

9. Please do not give your character unrealistic abilities that a normal person would not have.

10. No making your character a god and not losing any health in roleplay as this will just get you kicked from roleplays.

 11. Never try to kill another character without the other players' consent. If you've worked yourself into a very bad situation and it seems likely that you will die, the choice is still in your hands, no one will force you to kill off your character. However, we do expect anyone in a situation like that to at least make their character end up in a plausible way eg Serious Injury however if you do not want to die you can say "Thank you for this amazing roleplay but I do wish to be killed today"

12. There are different methods of roleplay battles however you must settle how you wish to battle before you start to avoid any arguments however if you choose not to then you should respect how they chose to roleplay the battle as they would do to you.

13. Never post any links to download copyrighted material illegally, nor any post that encourages people to download a certain pirated material. This is against the Discord rules and can result in you being kicked and reported.